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There are a number of reasons why you may be considering removing your previous attic insulation. Your building’s insulation may have become outdated, damaged, infested, or contaminated. Whatever the case, underperforming or ineffective insulation is no good. It is important to note that damaged insulation can cause all kinds of problems around your home. It can affect other components of your home and also cause health issues. It is essential that contaminated insulation is removed without delay. The safest and most reliable way of removing unwanted insulation is to hire experienced professionals like us. We offer the best insulation removal and installation services in Cypress, Texas.

Save Time and Energy


The process of removing unwanted insulation is very laborious and time-consuming. A lot of care and attention has to be put into the process to ensure that every single fragment of unwanted consultation is removed from your property. Insulation removal is even more daunting for inexperienced hands and you will have a hard time getting it done all by yourself. To save you time, we will provide you with a team of well-trained professionals. Our team will clean your home with speed and efficiency in order to ensure that the reinstallation process can start on time.



At Cypress Insulation Company, we have all the necessary pieces of equipment to remove your old attic insulation safely and efficiently. In insulation removal, the availability of the right PPE (personal protective equipment) is very important. When you execute the task yourself without the necessary equipment, you will be exposing yourself to various health hazards. These health hazards include mold spore, animal remains, and contaminants. There is also a good chance of you exposing yourself to asbestos in vermiculite. In the end, the money you think you will be saving by doing it yourself isn’t worth the health risk.


Increased Energy Efficiency

When you replace your old attic insulation with a new one, your home will have greater energy efficiency. Most times, newer insulation will be more modern and hence have a better R-value. Before the reinstallation process, we will inspect your structure in order to locate all cracks and crevices. This is to ensure that your new insulation serves you better and for longer. Also, increased energy cost-effectiveness equals lower energy bills. Your home’s heating and cooling system will become much more efficient. An extra advantage of new insulation is better indoor air quality.



If you’re looking to sell your home, it is advisable to get rid of your old attic insulation. The presence of old or deteriorating insulation in your home will have a negative impact on its market value. It might even discourage prospective buyers completely. When you choose to install new insulation before selling your home, you will be increasing its value. And this means that you will be making a profit when you eventually sell it. Property buyers are more attracted to buildings with newly installed insulations. When the demand for your property is high, you will get the chance to sell it at a very favorable price.


Insulation Removal


Insulation Removal Cypress, TX

As you might expect, insulation works best in interior living conditions. Even though it is a long-lasting building material, its foam body quickly absorbs moisture, mold, and other pollutants.

Not only are you and your family breathing contaminants in the air, but your existing insulation products are also ineffective. When they remain soaked through, they cannot withstand heat, humidity, or the shape of the surface to which they were installed in the first place.

Before we can replace your ruined insulation, we must first completely remove it. Although it is a time-consuming task, we guarantee faster, more reliable daily results.

When you need blown in insulation, batt insulation, or other ruined products removed, you need an experienced team of local contractors.

Insulation Company

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What Destroys Insulation?

Why would removing fiberglass attic insulation be a wise decision if it’s so important to keep on hand? Unfortunately, even a few contaminants or pests in your attic insulation can quickly put your entire home at risk.

Food Source

Fiberglass is a food source for ants, termites, and other insects. When they march into your attic, all they see is a buffet and the ideal place to raise a few thousand kids.

Rodents are still prominent in attics, and they also enjoy eating insulation.


Your areas remain vulnerable to a variety of hazards, including:

●     Rats & Rodents

●     Raccoons

●     Birds

●     Squirrels

●     Ants, Pests, and Termites

●     Bats

●     Water Damage

●     Mold & Mildew

●     Physical Building Damage

●     Electricity

●     Flames

●     And other usual dangers.

Whatever is eating your insulation or has caused it to deteriorate, we can quickly remove and replace it.

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Why Hire Us for Insulation Removal in Cypress, TX?

You should call us whenever you have a problem with the insulation in your attic. Otherwise, you are putting yourself in danger from various unknown threats.

If animals or pests have made their way inside, there is a good chance that they have left droppings. With proper respiratory protection, you expose yourself to a wide range of bacteria and germs.

Mold and mildew spores spread quickly and have been linked to several health issues.



Before you go up to your attic, be aware that you may find:

●     Pest Droppings

●     Territorial Wildlife

●     Mold & Mildew Spores

●     Swarming Pests

●     Microscopic Fiberglass Particles

●     Broken Floors

●     Predatory Insects

●     Exposed Wiring

●     Animal Dander

●     Chemical Fumes

●     Bird Nests

●     Odors & Allergens

●     And more unpleasant hazards.

Even experienced service technicians can be put in danger during inspections and removing insulation. Contact us for the safest method before causing further harm to yourself or your home.

DIY vs. Hiring an Insulation Professional

The easiest way for insulation removal is to use an expert. These substances can be hazardous for people to come into contact with and could even harm you. After removing the insulation, professionals usually install new insulation immediately. This ensures the constant insulation of your house, making you feel comfortable as well as reducing energy costs. If you want to remove insulation in a house, you can contact the insulation experts in your neighborhood to discuss the best possible choices.

Professional Insulation Removal

Insulated home removals are extremely important, and choosing the right business is critical. Our team of highly skilled professionals is well equipped in insulation removal in all attics. Old attic insulation is often useless. It could rot or become wet, producing mold or mildew. As insulation is settled and flattening, it attracts pests to their nests. Removing old insulation can help fix a lot of problems.

Do I need replacement for my Insulation?

Some insulation products last a lifetime, whereas others wear out after a few years. If your attic has a lot of heat, moisture, and air leaks, you probably already have some ruined surfaces.

Recent roof leaks, electrical damage, house fires, and other occurrences should also prompt a thorough attic inspection. Even spray foam insulation can lose some air pockets, causing it to settle flat and necessitate another application.

If you have an older home built in the 80s or earlier, a historic home, or haven’t checked upstairs in a long time, a professional review of your space would be beneficial. We can advise you on whether there is a problem or if it is simply time to install new products.

No one keeps your buildings more energy efficient than us when providing the best air leak protection for your home.

Insulation removal services cost factors

A number of factors influence the removal of insulation such as size and the type of insulation.

Insulation Installation Business

Contact our insulation company in Cypress, TX, today to schedule a professional insulation inspection regarding for insulation removal.



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