Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers are building materials that are mostly install in attics. The function of this material is to reflect radiant energy and reduce heat transfer. But a radiant barrier will be unable to control heat transfer through convection and connection by itself. This is why radiant barriers are usually used to complement thermal insulation. The use of radiant barrier foils has become more popular amongst contractors and property owners in recent times. Some cities have also included it in their building codes. We are the most reliable company in Cypress for the supply and installation of your radiant barrier foils.

How it Works

The three ways by which heat is transferred include conduction, convection, and radiation. In conduction, heat energy travels from a hotter material or region to a cooler one. Convection meanwhile, is the transfer of heat through gasses and liquids. In radiation, heat travels through any space whether it is impeded or not. The sun’s radiation is the main cause of heat transfer in homes. Conventional insulation doesn’t offer sufficient protection from radiation as it only slows down the transfer of heat. Radiation eventually travels through. Radiant barriers are more effective as they reflect 97% of the sun’s heat from your roof.


Radiant barriers last longer than conventional insulation barriers. Humidity has no effect on radiant barrier foils. Since heat is reflected from the surface of a radiant barrier foil, moisture, and hot air will also have no effect on it. Perforations are made in some radiant barriers to allow the passage of air and prevent the build-up of moisture. Furthermore, radiant barrier foils do not settle after a period of time and hence, retain their R-value. This is a good advantage as conventional insulation materials tend to lose their R-value with the passage of time.

Thermal Efficiency

Asides from your roof and crawl space, radiant barriers can also be used to boost the thermal efficiency of existing insulation around your home. They will increase the R-value of your insulation material. So, while radiant barrier foils can’t replace your conventional insulation, they will definitely bring you more value. Adding radiant barriers to your insulation will reduce the workload on your cooling system. Also, radiant barriers are excellent insulators. You will get great results when you wrap your hot water tanks, ducts, and water pipes with radiant barrier foils. This is evident in how food stays warm for longer when wrapped in foil.

Health and Safety

Some conventional insulation materials emit particles that are harmful to the respiratory organs. They may also cause irritations when they come in contact with the skin. Radiant barriers are made from non-toxic materials and are completely safe. Just like most types of insulation materials, radiant barrier foils inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Furthermore, radiant barrier foils are excellent radon retarders. Randon is a major cause of lung cancer and many other respiratory problems. When used on floors, radiant barrier foils prevent the penetration of radon through floors.

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barrier is composed of high-reflective materials that reflects radiant heat rather than absorb them. They are also not capable of reducing the conduction of heat like thermal insulation.

Radiating Barriers are insulation products which reflect heat from homes, building containers, garments, and packaging.

Radiant barriers are highly reflective material that reflects heat instead of absorbing it. Proper attic insulation and air sealing in your attic work best with a radiant barrier to keep heat out and reduce the strain on your home’s cooling system, saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

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Radiant Barrier Lets Your Hvac Run More Efficiently

A radiant Barrier is a highly reflective material that is applied to the underside of your roof in order to reduce the radiant heat that enters your attic through your roof and is then transferred into your home. A radiant barrier keeps ductwork cooler. When your ductwork gets hot, your system has to work harder to provide cool air.

Radiant Barrier reflects 82% to 97% of heat, ensuring that it never enters your attic.

Radiant Barrier and attic ventilation can reduce attic space and/or attic floor temperatures by up to 20°-.30°

Radiant Barrier and reflective insulation products are eligible for the ENERGY STAR label (as insulation). A radiant Barrier is a metallic foil material designed to block radiant heat transfer across open spaces. The material typically contains reflective aluminum. For the Radiant Barrier to be effective, one side must be clean and dust-free and face an open-air space. Radiant Barrier is most effective at lowering cooling bills in hot, sunny climates. However, in some cases, the product can also help to reduce heating bills.

When installing Radiant Barrier, special care should be taken to ensure that at least one reflective side of the product is installed next to an air space that will not become dusty over time.

Builder Insights

During the installation of the insulation on the roof the case can also accommodate radiant barrier sheath with typical insulation materials. When deciding between these, a number of things are important, including your climate zone. Radiant barrier sheathing has low costs and absorbs heat for cooling attics. Spray foam is insulating and can protect against external noise.

Professional Radiant Barrier Installation

Our expert team at Cypress, TX, insulation company will retrofit your home with a proper installation of radiant barrier to keep you comfier in your home all year. We will staple the reflective material to the bottom of your rafters, ensure proper airflow, and take measures to prevent dust buildup. Proper installation your radiant Barrier is critical to experience the full benefits of reducing heat entry into your home.

Benefits of Installing Radiant Barrier in Your Cypress, TX Home

Radiant barriers are also known as “reflective insulation” and “radiant barrier insulation” in some circles due to their similarity to traditional insulation. Radiant barriers effectively slow the transfer of heat.

Radiant barriers also have the following advantages:

●     Radiant Barrier reflects 82% to 97% of heat, preventing it from entering your attic.

●     Radiant Barrier and attic ventilation lower attic temperatures by up to 20° -30°

●     A 15% reduction in cooling costs.

●     With a radiant barrier installed, items stored in the attic space and/or attic floor are less likely to be damaged by high temperatures.

●     A radiant barrier can improve the performance of attic ductwork.

●     During the heating season, an attic radiant barrier reflects heat from the house back into the living space.

Will installing a radiant barrier benefit your home?

Yes, and it is recommended if your home has one or more of the following issues:

●     Trees provide little or no shade.

●     Asphalt shingle roofing (which easily absorbs heat from the sun)

●     A second story that is unusually hot and stuffy.

●     Air ducts in the attic

Radiant Barrier Insulation FAQ

What exactly is a radiant barrier?

The best radiant barrier system is a thin, lightweight, but surprisingly durable material made of 99% aluminum foil that will reflect 97% of the radiant heat entering the attic.

How are radiant barriers installed?

Our Attic Radiant Barrier insulation system is specially designed for your home. The radiant Barrier will then be installed by stapling it to the rafters and taping all seams with aluminum tape.

Is the Radiant Barrier effective?

Yes. Radiant barriers are highly effective in areas that experience significant temperature difference throughout the year. This radiant Barrier will keep your attic cooler in the summer, allowing you to save money on air conditioning costs.

Furthermore, it will be warmer in the winter, allowing you to save money on heating bills.

Is Radiant Barrier worth it?

A professional radiant barrier installation could be a cost-effective way to keep your Cypress, TX, home cool during the summer. A radiant barrier is an extremely reflective material that repels heat rather than absorbing it as it enters the attic. It acts as an additional layer to keep heat out of your home.



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